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With the extensive knowledge and dedicated team, McCann is able to offer a range of services. From small to large scale, no brief will be too complex or intricate for our team to complete within your outlined schedule and budget. Browse our services and reach out to us today, so we can start constructing your dream.


When it comes to the hospitality industry, McCann is a leading provider of premium refurbishments and fitouts in Sydney. With our industry knowledge, we understand the importance of a project timeline and to deliver an impeccable finish that will leave your patrons in awe.

We strive to minimise downtime to ensure our work doesn’t impede your businesses trade, and that it is a seamless handover where your staff can hit the ground running. Our team has been proactive leaders in bespoke hospitality construction. This has been achieved through listening to our clients, and helping them grow their ideas into unique and memorable experiences for their patrons. Throughout all stages of the project, we deliver complete transparency and keep all stakeholders informed of progress to ensure that deadlines are met. Through our communication, we strive to create an open and honest environment – because we are here to help you succeed in your business endeavours!

Having years of experience amongst the team, we are dynamic problem solvers if issues arise on complex projects. Due to our vast skill set and industry knowledge, we know exactly how to conduct construction that will minimally impede your business’s revenue – keeping staff and patrons safe while the project is in progress.

From being in the construction industry for as long as we have, McCann has found a key aspect that must be incorporated in the way we operate – being a single contact for our clients. What this means for you is, from the first idea we put onto paper through to the final handover of a project, McCann is there every step of the way. This ensures that projects are completed in a timely manner and everyone understands the vision you desire.

Even though we have the ability to partake in specific roles in a project, we have found in our experience it becomes a streamlined process when we are on board until the end. Our staff become invested in your project, and find great reward seeing how an idea can become a reality!

In the hospitality industry, there are so many times when you desire to upgrade specific components of your venue – from the back bar, main restaurant or bistro through to your gaming room. No matter the size of your fit out, McCann can operate on small and large scales in order to bring something new and exquisite to your patrons.

When it comes to the initial consultation, we thoroughly investigate your vision and desire for a space to ensure that we explore every possible avenue of design. We believe in making memorable experiences, and thrive when we are able to help our clients bring their dream to life. We strive to ensure that all aspects of the project are completed, allowing your business to begin operating your new fit out immediately after handover.


For when your commercial space is looking for a boutique facelift, you can trust that McCann are your commercial construction partners. We have dedicated ourselves to thoroughly understanding the premium design and construction market in Sydney, to ensure that we can deliver advanced projects to our clients that will set them levels above the rest.

With our Director overseeing every project, he ensures that the highest standard and quality of work is delivered – exceeding your expectations.

McCann Construction and Property has been in the industry for over 15 years, ensuring that every commercial construction is completed to a high standard. With managing director Brad McCann’s leadership skills he ensures all projects go off without hiccups or headaches, from planning stages through finalising touches on-site, so they are completed to perfection – leaving nothing short when it comes down to quality workmanship done right.

McCann’s extensive experience in the industry has allowed us to unlock one key aspect that is a crucial factor for delivering a high quality job every time – being a single contact for clients. This means from the very start through to the completion, we are there every step of the process. This will ensure that everyone on site is working seamlessly together and the project will be completed on time.

Our team is highly experienced in project management and understands the importance of good communication. We work with businesses to deliver any size construction job, within budget while having a minimal impact on trading services.

We know that success in any commercial project depends on clear communication and collaboration. That’s why our team takes the time to get all of your input, so you can be confident the job will run smoothly and on budget.

We also provide detailed scopes of work with updates along every step; keeping everyone informed throughout the process while ensuring quality customer service at every turn.


When considering creating your own bespoke haven, you will only need to look to one team to bring that vision to life. At McCann, we understand how personal a custom home build can be, and provide an end to end service that will deliver not only premium finishes, but excellence in customer service.

Transform your home into the lifestyle of your dreams, featuring functionality and unique design that will redefine what your home is to you.

When it comes to creating abodes that are bespoke, we pride our team on being able to provide excellence in customer service. The dream lifestyle you desire is noted in detail, to ensure that every possibility is explored that will not only suit your budget but exceed your expectations. There are so many aspects to consider when building an ideal home, meeting functional purpose and being an aesthetic escape from your day to day.

From the first point of contact to the final handover, McCann is with you every step of the way to navigate you through your options. Being able to effectively project manage and coordinate relevant trades that will help build your dream home. At McCann, we value that communication that is open and clear builds not only the perfect home but a strong relationship between client and contractor. This allows for you to be fully aware of the process and understand how issues are dealt with if they arise.

Just like you, we are invested in the project and thrive on creating a unique oasis that is just for you. Our attention to detail allows for every part of your custom build to be unique to you, and be a way that you can turn your dream into a living lifestyle.

What you will find taken care of when you engage McCann for a custom build, is that we comb through your desires and find resources that fit within your budget and can even give you the potential to save money for other areas in your build. We deliver complete breakdowns to ensure that there are no surprises or hidden costs.

We work closely with you to plan a schedule for the build, then go forward with making the draft of the design your new reality. When it comes to the construction, we truly shine as we fully supervise the project so it runs smoothly, required scheduling is made, and cost control is managed.